TNC goes full circle with CROWN OF TEARS finale

The saga of the Chaveros will come to a dramatic end as TeleNovela Channel’s Crown Of Tears reaches its conclusion with The Full Circle Finale airing this Tuesday January 16.

Starring Victoria Ruffo (La Madrastra), Alejandro Nones (Love To Death, Teresa), Josemaría Torres Hütt (Agujetas de color de rosa), and Mane de la Parra (La Malquerida); Crown of Tears tells the story about the trials and tribulations of a single mother, Refugio, and her three sons: Patricio, Edmundo, and Ignacio, after they were thrown out by her husband, forcing them to sleep in the streets before they found their way to Mexico City to start their lives over. The experience her three young children have endured would shaped them as they grew to become adults, where their hopes and dreams would clash with the expectations and misgivings of their mother.

Victoria Ruffo as Refugio Chavero.

Crown of Tears is an adaptation of the classic 1965 telenovela of the same name, based from an original story by Manuel Canseco Noriega.

As the show nears its end, will the power of love and faith bring the Chaveros back together? And how will they face the threat that is Rómulo Ancira (played by veteran actor Ernesto Laguardia), Patricio’s mentor whose influence caused the eldest Chavero to disown his family? How will the three sons heal the wounds they each have inflicted on their family? To who will Refugio shed her last crown of tears?

Teardrops will become sober with The Full Circle Finale this Tuesday January 16 at 9pm, only on TeleNovela Channel Philippines.