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Mar De Amor

Starring: Mario Cimarro and Zuria Vega

Set sail to the Sea of Love!

Road To Destiny

Starring: Paulina Goto and Horacio Pancheri

Where the road ends, destiny begins!


Starring: Angelique Boye, Sebastián Rulli, Aarón Díaz, Alejandro Nones, and Daniel Arenas

To be or not to be, she is Teresa!

Crown Of Tears

Starring: Victoria Ruffo, Alejandro Nones, Josemaría Torre, and Mane de la Parra.

A family saga that will fill your hearts with a crown of tears.

List of Previously-Aired Programs

A Beloved Man

Starring: Jesús Ochoa, Mariluz Bermúdez, Mark Tacher, and Andrés Palacios.

A small-town mayor playing a big political game as he searches for a dead body to bury in his newly-built cemetery.

A Shelter For Love

Starring: Zuria Vega and Gabriel Soto.

Two hearts from different worlds will seek a shelter for their blooming love.

A Woman Of Steel

Starring: Lucero, Fernando Colunga, and Gabriela Spanic

Her past made her a woman of steel but will destiny find a way to make her love again?

A Woman’s Word

Starring: Edith Gonzáles, Ludwika Paleta, Yadhira Carrillo, and Dalilah Polanco

As they battle through the hardships of life., four women joined forces to create a show made for women.

Abyss Of Passion

Starring: Angelique Boyer, David Zapeda, Mark Tacher, and Livia Brito

Four childhood friends become rivals for love as they try to fight through intrigue, secrets and lies.

Along Came Love

Starring: Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto

On the ground of a California vineyard, love will come along to unite two wandering souls.

Ask God For Forgiveness Not Me

Starring: Zuria Vega, Mark Tacher, Rebecca Jones, and Sergio Goyri

The love of a mother to her daughter will prove to be strong enough to overcome the hurdles of the secrets and lies that have torn them apart.

Big Love

Starring: Ariadne Díaz and Valentino Lanús

Will their love prove too big to handle?


A teacher and her class of misfits and outcasts will explore the wonders of life through song and friendship.

Corazón Salvaje

Corazón Salvaje

Starring: Aracely Arámbula, Eduardo Yáñez, and Cristian de la Fuente

Fill your wild heartbeat with the epic saga of love and revenge.

Don’t Mess With An Angel

Starring: Zuria Vega, Mark Tacher, Rebecca Jones, and Sergio Goyri

An angel of the streets will prove to be one you don’t wanna mess with.

Fall Into Temptation

Starring; Slvia Navarro, Gabriel Sotto, Carlos Ferro, and Adriana Louvier

The end was only the beginning.

Fooled Into Love

Starring: Eduardo Yáñez, África Zavala, Ernesto Laguardia, and Itatí Cantoral

The life of a simple farm family will turn upside down after becoming millionaires overnight.

Head Over Heels

Starring: Livia Brito and Juan Diego Covarrubias

The heart doesn’t lie when you fall head over heels to the one meant for you.

I Plead Guilty

Starring: Mayrín Villanueva, Juan Soler, Irina Baeva, Juan Diego Covarrubias, and Daniela Castro

Between love and justice, how do you plead?

In Love With Ramón

Starring: José Ron and Esmeralda Pimentel

Fall in love with the bad boy mechanic and the rich heiress.

In The Name Of Love

Starring: Allisson Lozz, Sebastián Zurita, and Altair Jarabo

What would you do in the name of love?

It Had To Be You

Starring: Ariadne Díaz, Andrés Palacios, Gretel Valdez, and Fernando Alonso

A lie that’s so good, it just had to be true!

Italian Bride

Starring: Livia Brito and José Ron

Here comes a story of a grande amore between an Italian muchacha and her signore.

La Madrastra (2005)

Starring: Victoria Ruffo and César Évora

After being imprisoned for a crime she didn’t commit, a woman returns 20 years later to clear her name in this murder mystery.

La Malquerida

Starring: Victoria Ruffo, Ariadne Díaz, Christian Meier, and Mane de la Parra

A man’s obsession will pit a mother against her daughter.

Las Amazonas

Starring: Victoria Ruffo, César Evora, Danna García, Gretel Váldez, Mariluz Bermúdez, and Andrés Palacios.

Four strong women fight for love, passion, and honor.

Life Of Lies

Starring: Mayrín Villanueva, David Zepeda, and Diego Olivera

A woman will lead a life of lies in order to protect herself and her daughter from her husband’s mistakes.

Love To Death

Starring: Michel Brown, Angelique Boyer, Alejandro Nones, Arturo Barba, and Alexis Ayala

What if death was just the beginning? Will there be life after love?

Lying Heart

Starring: Thelma Madrigal, Pablo Lyle, and Diego Olivera

Only the truth can set their lying hearts free.


Starring: Thalía, Eduardo Capetillo, and Chantal Andere

The phenomenal Mexican telenovela that has taken the Philippines by storm!

Mi Pecado

Starring: Maite Perroni and Eugenio Siller

Their sin is their burden of guilt.

Moon Daughters

Starring: Michelle Renaud, Jade Fraser, Lore Graniewicz, and Geraldine Galván

The moon will rise with the Daughters of the Moon!

My Heart Is Yours

Starring: Silvia Navarro and Jorge Salinas

A nighttime entertainer will find herself becoming a nanny by day to a richman’s half-dozen kids!

My Husband’s Family

Starring: Daniel Arenas and Zuria Vega

There is a destiny that makes the Córcegas a family!

My Sweet Curse

Starring: Renata Notni and Pablo Lyle

Is she a blessing or a curse?

Papá A Toda Madre

Starring: Sebastián Rulli, Maite Perroni, and Regina Graniewicz

Who’s your Papá?

Passion & Power

Starring: Jorge Salinas, Fernando Colunga, Susana Gonzales, and Marlene Favela

A fierce rivalry in business, intrigue, and love.


Starring: Susana Gonzales, Fernando Colunga, Sebastián Rulli, and William Levy

A timeless story of love set in 18th century New Spain.


Starring: Scarlet Ortiz, Jorge Poza, and Chantal Andere

A bright young doctor will find her place in the fast-paced world of medicine.


Starring: Bárbara Mori, Sebastián Rulli, Eduardo Santamarina, and Jacqueline Andere

The one and only “bidang kontrabida” will use her beauty to seduce men and become rich.

Secrets At The Hotel

Starring: Erick Elías, Irene Azuela, and Carlos Rivera

What secrets lie inside the hallowed halls of the Grand Hotel?

Shadows of The Past

Starring: Pablo Lyle and Michelle Renaud

Two young people in love will deal with the secrets and lies that are hiding in the shadows of their past.

Sightless Love

Starring: Claudia Martín, Osvaldo de León, and Juan Martín Jáuregui

IIt started with her gaze.

Simply María

Starring: Claudia Alvaréz, José Ron, and Ferdinando Valencia

From her humble beginnings, a country woman will learn the lessons of life and love as she tries to make her dreams come true.


Starring: William Levy, David Zepeda, and Jacqueline Bracamontes.

A spellbound romance of two people brought together by a lie.

The Candidate

Starring: Silvia Navarro and Victor Gónzales

In the game of power, a candidate will rise.

The Color Of Passion

Starring: Esmeralda Pimentel and Erick Elías.

The color of their passion will go straight to their hearts.

The Lady From Vendaval

Starring: Ariadne Díaz, José Ron, and Chantal Andere

A provocative force will bring love to the land of Vendaval.

The Neighbor

Starring: Esmeralda Pimentel and Juan Diego Covarrubias

In the town of San Gaspar, love will come from next door.

The One Who Couldn’t Love

Starring: Ana Brenda Contreras, Jorge Salinas, and José Ron

A young nurse will help soften the cold heart of her ruthless patient and teach him to learn to love again.

The Rose Of Guadalupe

Starring: Various cast

Mexico’s long-running anthology series showcases stories of everyday people touched by the power of love and faith.

The Stray Cat

Starring: Maite Perroni and Daniel Arenas

Love will come between a rich man and a scavenger.

The Tempest

Starring: William Levy, Ximena Navarrete, and Ívan Sánchez

From the high seas, a love will rise against all odds.

Timeless Love

Starring: Juan Soler and Silvia Navarro

Two hearts seeking the truth will find their way to each other by way of fate.

The Dark Widow

Starring: Ana Serradilla

Don’t get caught in the Dark Widow’s web!

The Three Sides Of Ana

Starring: Angelique Boyer, Sebastián Rulli, David Zepeda and Ramiro Fumazoni

Three identical sisters. Equal yet distinct.

The Two Lives Of Estela Carrillo

Starring: Ariadne Díaz, David Zepeda and Danilo Carrera

Three names, two lives, one woman.

The Two Sides of Ana

Starring: Ana Layevska, and Rafael Amaya

To avenge the death of her loved ones, one woman will unleash a new side of herself.


Starring: Iván Sanchez, Ana Brenda Contreras, and Gretel Valdez

A man bent on avenging his brother’s death falls in love with the woman he is supposed to hate.

Valiant Love

Starring: Silvia Navarro and Cristian de la Fuente

Tragedy brought them together to prove that their love can stand against hurdle.

Wild At Heart

Starring: Ana Brenda Contreras and Daniel Arenas

A story of a woman who’s heart is as indomitable as is her spirit.

Wild Lands

Starring: Cristian de la Fuente, Claudia Álvarez, Diego Olivera, and Horacio Pancheri

Enter where danger lurks and follow the law of the land.