TNC brings back Love To Death from the dead for second run

Do you believe in life after love?

It is a question that TeleNovela Channel will try to answer once more with the return of LOVE TO DEATH, which kickstarted its second run last Monday January 22.

Based on an original story by Julio Jiménez, LOVE TO DEATH (Amar a Muerte) tells the story of León and Chino, two individuals who could not be any more different with each other, the former being a media mogul while the other is a hitman-for-hire. Their lives began to intertwine when they both died on the same day amidst a solar eclipse. Their souls transmigrated into different bodies, coming back to life only to see themselves wearing the face of someone they’re not.

León, now in the body of the younger and stronger Chino, will make use of his body to find out how he died and get revenge against, Lucía, the woman he married before dying after discovering that she’s having an affair with his right-hand man, Johny Corona. In the process, their love story will begin anew.

The show stars Michel Brown, known to Filipino viewers as one-third of the Reyes brothers in the popular Colombian telenovela Pasión de Gavilanes (known locally as Pasión de Amor); as well as Angelique Boyer, a familiar face to TNC viewers with six of her most popular shows having aired on the channel since 2015, including her breakout series TERESA, which had just ended its run this past December. The ensemble cast include Alejandro Nones (Crown of Tears, Teresa), Claudia Martin (Sightless Love, In Love With Ramón), Gonzalo Peña (In Love With Ramón, Malquerida), Macarena Achaga, Bárbara López (Road To Destiny, Along Came Love), and Arturo Barba (Unforgivable). Alexis Ayala recurs in the show as León.

LOVE TO DEATH broke new ground in the telenovela genre since its initial broadcast in Mexico, thanks to its high production values and story innovations. Among those innovatios is a well-received coming-of-age queer love story that has gained critical aacclaim as well as a global fandom who baptized their favorite couple with the shipper name, Juliantina, a combination of the names of show’s two teen characters, Juliana and Valentina.

Take a second chance and always LOVE TO DEATH, weeknights at 9pm with weekend marathons every Sunday at 12am on TeleNovela Channel Philippines.