TERESA closes out 2023 with two-part finale event

To be or not to be, the one and only Maldita Ambiciosa closes 2023 with a two-part finale event!

Witness the conclusion of a story that has captivated the world over as TeleNovela Channel airs, in two parts, The Damn Beautiful Finale of the hit Mexican telenovela TERESA, broadcasting across two nights on a special two-hour block the last four episodes on December 28 Thursday, and December 29 Friday at 8pm.

It is then followed by an original episode of CROWN OF TEARS, airing at a special time at 10pm.

For over 152 episodes, the one and only Maldita Ambiciosa, Teresa Chávez-De La Barrera, played by the incredible Angelique Boyer (Love To Death, The Three Sides Of Ana), has taken viewers through a rollercoaster ride of epic proportions.

From her sensational pursuits for wealth and power to her frequent confrontations with her former high school bully, to coming up with the most outrageous of lies to cover up her tracks of deception, to her slow but sure transformation into the maldita she truly is.

All of these were done in the name of rising above the one thing Teresa hates the most: Poverty.

Will Teresa finally reach her dreams? Or will it be all for nothing at what cost?

See how it all ends on the special two-part finale event airing this Thursday and Friday, December 28 to 29, from 8 to 10pm on TeleNovela Channel Philippines.

TERESA also stars Sebastián Rulli (Abyss Of Passion, Rubí), Aarón Díaz (Tierra De Reyes, Betty Sa NY), Ana Brenda Contreras (Sortlegio, Unforgivable), Daniel Arenas (Wild At Heart, My Husband’s Family), and Cynthia Klitbo (Moon Daughters, Along Came Love).