The Two Sides of Ana Cast

Ana Escudero

Actress: Ana Layevska
A young beautiful, hard-working girl with a strong determined character who is caring and has a positive outlook in her life. She will face injustice and will plan to revenge against the Bustamantes.

Rafael Bustamante

Actor: Rafael Amaya
A wealthy young man with moral values, independent, modest and passionate. He really wanted to be an actor even his father doesn’t want him to be. He pretends to be Gustavo Galvan.

Ignacio Bustamante

Actor: Mauricio Aspe
Eldest son of Humberto. Greedy, coward and arrogant. He is manipulative and envy. He likes to humiliate and abuse the weak. He’s a drug addict and violent, and a very dangerous man.

Vicente Bustamante

Actor: Francisco Rubio
Sensitive, kind-hearted and intelligent, but he has always been weak. He allows people to take advantage of him and is easily manipulated by his brother Ignacio and by his father.

Humberto Bustamante

Actor: Leonardo Daniel
A shipping tycoon who is arrogant, demanding and perfectionist. He gets what he wants. He protects his public image at any cost, and his moral standards are very flexible.

Irene Alcaraz

Actress: Alexa Damian
She is Graciela’s granddaughter and “Gustavo Galvan’s” girlfriend. She seduces men to satisfy her greed and is a territorial vixen; she is terribly jealous and can be very dangerous.


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