Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is a genre of music made
from electronic instruments thanks to advances in technology.

The EDM Industry is art. Be a part of the COLLAB.

The EDM Industry is full of talent. Watch and be inspired.

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Project Background

Collab provides a new perspective of the Electronic Dance Music culture as one that is an expression of art. It aims to alter the negative impression of EDM revolving around partying and drugs. It also aims to promote the hard work of people in the EDM industry and present the industry as an opportunity for art students.



Thanks to one of the biggest EDM festivals, Tomorrowland, "aftermovies" have become very popular. Aftermovies are recaps of festival highlights. Video coverage captures the culture of EDM events including the DJs, people, props and more. Film and Multimedia Art majors can be responsible for this documentation.


Photography is another way to document an EDM event. It is a perfect way to capture the art forms with vibrant colors. These photos may be used for marketing and promotions. DJs can post official photos on their social media accounts. Photography and Multimedia Arts Majors can become photographers.


Lights set the mood and beat along with the music of an event. There is a balnce between lighting the DJ and people dancing in the audience.


Graphics include the motion graphics produced by Video Jockeys(VJs). VJs manipulate graphic content by adding effects and changing colors to fit the set of the DJ. Multimedia Art majors can become VJs.


Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is a genre of music made from electronic instruments thanks yo advances in technology. This all started with the synthesizer invented by Robert Moog in 1964. Subgenres that fall under the category of EDM include House, Trance, Techno, Drum 'n' Bass, Dubstep, and Hardcore.

A Disk Jockey (DJ) is a person who plays and mixes recorded music for an audience. Some DJs are also producers. Music production majors can become DJs.


Each event has its own theme and this is showcased through the stage set up. The stage can be viewed from both a technical and artistic aspect. The stage includes equipment such as speakers, fog machines, lights, and more. It is also designed according to the theme usually with extravagant props. This is the main focal point for many photos. Production Design majors can design and set up these stages.

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