Passion Cast

Camila Darien

Actress: Susana González
An intelligent girl with a good disposition and a strong character, loyal, kind, and caring for others. The youngest daughter of Justo Darien, sister of Vasco and Rita She always show courage during her hardships and sheds her tears in private. She loves and defends her family and never bows to injustice.

Ricardo de Salamanca y Almonte

Actor: Fernando Colunga
Son of Mercedes Almonte and Pedro de Salamanca. He is well educated, refined, and can speak several languages. At 18 he was blamed for a crime he did not commit. He joined a band of pirates in the Caribbean. He is brave and skilled in using weapons. His hard life made him harsh, but his heart is true.

Santiago Marquez

Actor: Sebastian Rulli
He is handsome, burly and has a gentle heart. He has good judgment that has earned him respect from the town’s people. He is the bastard son of Jorge Mancera y Ruiz.

Ursula Mancera y Mendoza

Actress: Maya Mishalska
Daughter of Jorge and Sofia. A widow, forceful and impulsive, who ignores her seven-year-old daughter, Tita. Ursula has loose morals and she likes young, handsome and strong men. Her current lover is Vasco, Camila’s brother, but when she met Ricardo, she is determined to have him.

Jorge Mancera y Ruiz

Actor: Juan Ferrara
The leadere of the village, married to Sofia and father of Ursula. He inherited the lands given to his family by the King of Spain. He wields total power over the lives and property of the villagers. He has no conscience and he takes for himself any woman he desires

Sofia Mendoza de Mancera

Actress: Mariana Karr
Jorge’s wife, Ursula’s mother and Tita’s grandmother. Her marriage was arranged, and when she knew Jorge’s true nature, she began to hate him. She is stern and kind, and she feels more at home with the simple townsfolk than with her husband’s rich friends.

Lisabeta de Salamanca

Actress: Daniela Castro
Daughter of Timoteo and niece of Francisca. When she lost her sight, her father’s disgust at her condition drove her to take refuge with Francisca. She is very smart and she uses pity as a means to get what she wants. She is in love with her cousin Ricardo and is extremely possessive of him.

Francisca de Salamanca

Actress: Maty Huitrón
Sister of Timoteo and aunt of Ricardo and Lisabeta. A bitter, straight-laced old maid who hates having to depend on her brother for everything.

Justo Darien

Actor: Raymundo Capetillo
Father of Camila, Vasco and Rita. Justo owns the village mill and the dry goods store. He is a good man, honest and patient, and everyone respects him.

Ofelia Marquez

Actress: Rocío Banquells
Mother of Santiago and Ines. She is the village’s midwife and healer, beloved and respected by all. She is fiercely protective of her children, and is willing to die or kill for them.

Alberto Lafont y Espinoza

Actor: José Elías Moreno
Jorge’s friend, overseer and trusted right hand. He is well groomed, civilized and notable. Shameless and without scruples, it is he who executes Jorge’s dastardly deeds. He knows Jorge so well that he can practically read his mind. He is a widower and treats his only daughter Manuela very harsh. He makes it his business to know the goings on in the village and uses the information to his own gain.


Actor: Alberto Estrella
He is Ricardo’s second in hand in command and steadfast friend.


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