In the Name of Love Cast

Paloma Espinosa de los Monteros

Actress: Allisson Lozz
A cheerful and lively young lady, but because of her aunt Carlota she turned to be insecure, sad and full of tears. She has only one friend, Romina. After losing her parents and her pet, and death of her fiancé Iñaki convinces her that her love is a curse that is why she is afraid to fall in love again.

Macarena Espinoza de los Monteros

Actress: Victoria Ruffo
Have been dominated by her sister Carlota, and have convinced her that her father’s death was her fault. That and the pain of losing the man she loved. When she found out that she is pregnant and, when her daughter Paloma was born, Carlota forced her to give the baby to their brother to “protect their family name”. Only the pain of her “niece” Paloma will give her enough strength to stand up to Carlota.

Carlota Espinoza de los Monteros

Actress: Leticia Calderón
She was believed by the townsfolk to be kind and generous, but actually she is manipulative and cruel. A willful, domineering woman who was raised with unbending discipline and total repression. She is ready to kill to stop her niece from escaping her control. She never allows anyone to be happy, especially her sister Macarena.

Emiliano Saenz Noriega

Actor: Sebastian Zurita
Honest, generous, courteous, a man of honor and a true friend. He keeps his love for Paloma to himself because she loves his friend Iñaki..

Romina Mondragon

Actress: Altair Jarabo
Her father’s desertion and her mother’s excessive dedication turn Romina into a selfish, willful young woman who always wants to be the center of attention. She is Paloma’s best friend, but sees her as a rival when they meet Emiliano.

Camila Rios

Actress: Laura Flores
Mother of Romina who makes a mistake of being too lenient with her. Hardworking and a strong woman. She’s a good friend of Macarena and Diana, she also know Diana’s secret.

Rafael Saenz

Actor: Alfredo Adame
Emiliano’s father. Hard-working, honest and very patient, while his wife Diana is quite the opposite. He files for divorce and finds the support he needs in his friend Camila. He gradually falls in love with her but does not dare to tell her.

Cristobal Gamboa

Actor: Arturo Peniche
Tormented by guilt, he became alcoholic, but found redemption dedicating his life to God and his fellow humans. He became a priest, and when he returns to Bernal after 20 years, only to discover that his guilt was based on a cruel lie.

Orlando Ferrer

Actor: Víctor Cámara
He is a decent, honest, self directed businessman who lives alone and unattached. He is Emiliano’s employer and has a great deal of affection for him.


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