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Passion: Episode 16

Ricardo visits Camila and contests Timoteo’s will while Rita accuses Camila of flirting with Santiago and demands to leave them alone.


Passion: Episode 15

Ricardo shows up at San Fernando with Lisabeta and Francisca and asks support from Don Jorge to recover Timoteo’s fortune. Meantime, Ursula’s eyes are set on Ricardo as… read more »


Passion: Episode 14

Camila stirs up the town as news of her return reaches Don Jorge who plans to ravish her again. Meantime, Camila and Santiago try to hold back their… read more »


Passion: Episode 13

Rita’s paranoia annoys her family as she tries to prevent Camila from seeing Santiago and is determined to defend what she thinks is hers.


Passion: Episode 12

Camila gets the surprise of her life as she discovers Santiago’s marriage to her sister. Now, Camila needs to decide whether she’ll hold on to Santiago’s love or… read more »


Passion: Episode 11

Timoteo’s death sets Camila free and now looks for Jimena and Claudio to buy their freedom. Now that the family’s fortune is with Camila, Lisabeta and Francisca vow… read more »


Passion: Episode 10

Amidst the dispute between Ricardo and Timoteo, another secret reveals itself as Alberto investigates who is the real father of Santiago.


Passion: Episode 9

Despite the controversy on Timoteo’s fortune, Ricardo learns that his uncle’s new wife who stands to get their fortune is no other than Camila.


Passion: Episode 8

Blood is thicker than water yet when it comes to riches, betrayal steps in as Francisca, Lisabeta and Timoteo fight for his fortune while Camila suffers in the… read more »


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