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Passion: Episode 25

A kiss sets Don Jorge on fire and he contrives a plan to prevent Ricardo from getting cozy with Camila. Don Jorge approaches Justo and tells him he… read more »


Passion: Episode 24

Escanio confesses to Mario that Ricardo is innocent of a murder and that Timoteo and Francisca threatened him if he says something. Meantime, Don Jorge fawns Camila in… read more »


Passion: Episode 23

Ricardo suspects that Lisabeta is concocting something behind his back by making friends with Santiago and his family. Meantime, Ursula asks Vasco to investigate the felon who stole… read more »


Passion: Episode 22

Ricardo demands that Don Jorge clears up the rumors of his alleged engagement to Ursula while Ursula furiously vows not to give Ricardo up to Camila.


Passion: Episode 21

Ricardo misleads Jimena by telling her another fictitious identity. Meanwhile an unexpected ally gets hold of Timoteo’s certification. On the other hand, Santiago gets into a fight with… read more »


Passion: Episode 20

Rita feels very jealous as she incriminates Camila for making up excuses to see Santiago. Meanwhile, Camila starts to consider marrying Ricardo while Ursula declares war against Lisabeta.

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Passion: Episode 19

As Camila’s suspicion over Ricardo grows, the proof that will strip Camila of her fortune is now in the hands of her enemies. Camila is certain that Don… read more »

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Passion: Episode 18

Lisabeta and Ursula vie for Ricardo’s attention while Vasco and Alberto want to get the girls for themselves. On the other hand, Ricardo assures Camila that he won’t… read more »

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Passion: Episode 17

Eager to get their inheritance, Lisabeta and Francisca ask help from Don Jorge while Ricardo realizes that freedom and not money is what Camila is after.


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