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Madrasta: Episode 16

Pretense is the name of the game as Ana Rosa greets Carlos and the other guests in the party. As Estrella, Ana Rosa, Esteban and Carlos divulge their… read more »


Madrasta: Episode 15

Esteban looks for Ana Rosa when she failed to show up at their engagement party. Meantime, the past haunts Maria as she dreams of the day when Patricia… read more »


Madrasta: Episode 14

Esteban fears that the secret will soon be revealed to his children now that he can’t stop Maria from meeting up with them. Alba refuses to budge as… read more »


Madrasta: Episode 13

Conscience seems to strike Servando as he confesses the truth to Father Belisario. Meantime, Leonel reveals his feeling for Maria and later meets up with her son, Hector.


Madrasta: Episode 12

Esteban begins to doubt whether they have been fair to Maria as she insists that she’s innocent. Maria confronts Servando as he refuses to admit his lies.


Madrasta: Episode 11

Maria reproaches everyone who condemned her to prison and proposes a deal they couldn’t resist. Now that Maria is back, she assures everyone that she’s out to get… read more »


Madrasta: Episode 10

Daniela threatens to reveal another secret if Carmela and Alba fail to stop Ana Rosa from marrying Esteban. Maria shows everyone in a dinner that their worst nightmare… read more »


Madrasta: Episode 9

Carmela learns that a family’s secret is a secret that should be kept forever even if it’s a solution to a problem. Maria gets the shock of her… read more »


Madrasta: Episode 8

Esteban’s lies surprise Maria which hinders her from seeing her children. Esteban asserts to Ana Rosa that his children’s happiness comes first. Maria runs into Hector without knowing… read more »


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