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Madrasta: Episode 25

Bitterness is what keeps Alba and Carmela together as they reminisce their past love. On the other hand, the Board decides that Maria negotiates the deal with Gerardo… read more »


Madrasta: Episode 24

Jealousy seems to get around as Daniela and Fabiola find out that they both love Esteban while Esteban puts up with Gerardo’s antics. Meanwhile, Angel’s father shows up… read more »


Madrasta: Episode 23

Esteban hires a detective to find Servando’s half-brother. Meanwhile, Maria suddenly becomes an accolade in Gerardo and Esteban’s business transactions.


Madrasta: Episode 22

Esteban postpones his wedding to Ana Rosa until he settles his problems. Meanwhile, Maria suggests marriage to Esteban as the only way to regain the love of her… read more »


Madrasta: Episode 21

Maria evades a mishap as a car tries to run her over. Meanwhile, Esteban looks for Hector to tell him the truth about Maria.

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Madrasta: Episode 20

Leonel professes his love for Maria yet she rejects him. Meantime, Maria suffers in silence as her children’s hatred towards her continues.

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Madrasta: Episode 19

Maria enforces her right as a stockholder while her children, on the other hand, despise her according to Father Belisario. Enraged, Maria is about to tell them the… read more »

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Madrasta: Episode 18

Demetrio, Daniela, Bruno, Fabiola, Carmela and Alba are furious as Servando declares he will leave nothing to them. Meanwhile, Alba and Carmela force the San Roman children to… read more »

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Madrasta: Episode 17

Father Belisario warns Maria of what Alba and Carmela might do to her now that she is back while Servando summons all his friends and readies his will.


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