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In the Name of Love: Episode 25

Alonso demands that Carlota drop the charges while Iñaki learns about Paloma’s inheritance and decides to investigate.

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In the Name of Love: Episode 24

Paloma fights for her life while Carlota wants to press charges against Iñaki. Meantime, Orlando meets Camila coincidentally and instantly falls in love with her.

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In the Name of Love: Episode 23

Money buys dignity after all as Romina outbids Liliana in obtaining the evidence that will put her in trouble with Emiliano. Meanwhile, Paloma convinces Iñaki to return to… read more »

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In the Name of Love: Episode 22

Macarena falls ill at Camila’s house while everything seems to flow smoothly for Paloma and Iñaki. Romina gets furious as neither one of her closest friends is present… read more »

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In the Name of Love: Episode 21

Carmen’s return surprises Iñaki while Paloma flees to escape Carlota’s clutches. Meanwhile, Carlota looks for clues that will help her intercept the couple’s plans.

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In the Name of Love: Episode 20

Macarena sets a plan to stop Carlota from ruining Paloma’s life. On the other hand, Romina receives an alarming surprise that proves her two-timing nature.

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In the Name of Love: Episode 19

Paloma and Iñaki discover the truth about their rumored breakup. Now, the two lovers plan to get married as soon as possible.

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In the Name of Love: Episode 18

When it rains, it really pours as Iñaki endures rejection, truancy and yet another disappointment from Romina. He now suspects there is more than meets the eye.

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In the Name of Love: Episode 17

Cunning Carlota disguises herself as Paloma when Iñaki decides to visit. Adding to her intrigues, Carlota writes a devious letter to Paloma and Iñaki.


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