Big Love Cast


Actress: Ariadne Díaz
She is gentle and sensitive, kind-hearted, very intelligent and funny, qualities that help her cope with the hostile world around her. She is beautiful, but shy, near-sighted and obese, and she suffers from a terrible trauma. Her asthma makes it necessary to always keep her inhaler at hand. Her strong character helps her bear and overcome her problems. The love between her and her cousin Emanuel will face many obstacles.


Actor: Valentino Lanus
He is a self-starter; smart, kind-hearted, cheerful, firm in his convictions and passionate about justice. He is a talented artist and the art director of an advertising agency. He loves motorcycle racing. He is not easily manipulated, but his weakness is his love for his family. His relationship with Ilitia stems from habit rather than love. When he realizes he is in love with his cousin Marianela, his life is totally changed.


Actress: Azela Robinson
She is Emanuel’s mother and Marianela’s worst enemy; attractive and arrogant, evil, lustful and destructive. Her sensuality is like a volcano, and she uses it to control her husband, her lover, and her henchman who would die for her. She is strong and domineering, and she has spent years getting her hands on the wealth of the Ruiz y de Teresa family. She is shameless and will commit any crime to get what she wants. There is a dark secret in her life.


Actor: César Évora
A wealthy businessman; mature, attractive, with high moral standards and a strong personality. Well-bred and fair-minded. He is strict, but protective as well. He will give his all to protect his family, but he will not hesitate to stop his evil wife Freda from getting her own way, in spite of his great love for her.


Actress: Laura Flores
A very attractive woman. She is loving and maternal, cheerful and witty. Nonetheless, she has remained single and childless. Her dream of becoming a great actress never came to fruition. She has always been in love with Emiliano. She will be the number one defender of her niece Marianela.


Actress: Altair Jarabo
She is a top model, voluptuous, beautiful and classy. She has always lived among luxury and glamour. As a typical only child of rich parents, she is spoiled, conceited and capricious; willful, frivolous and shallow. Her greatest concern is to look and feel good. In spite of the great love she apparently feels for Emanuel, she will receive a painful lesson when she meets Brandon.


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