A Woman’s Word Cast

Vanesa (Noriega Family)

Actress: Edith González
Vanesa is a strong, stylish, modern, enterprising and talented women. She is a refined, distinguished lady with high principles with a kind heart. She majored in Business and put her career on hold to raise her children. Now, she is about to re-enter the professional world again and find success and personal fulfillment as a TV producer and a woman.

Julián (Noriega Family)

Actress: Agustín Arana
Vanesa’s husband Julian, is an attractive, serious, mature and distinguished businessman. He is the editor of “Musa,” a magazine founded by him and Vanesa. He gives the impression of being a solid family man, but he is unfaithful to his wife. His affair with Tamara will lead to his divorce with Vanesa.

Martín (Castellanos Family)

Actor: Juan Soler
Martin is Vanesa’s closest friend. He is an executive, handsome, patient and a true gentleman. He is one of the most coveted widowers of his social circle. He has known Vanesa since high school, and been secretly in love with her for many years.

Paulina (Álvarez y Junco Family)

Actress: Ludwika Paleta
Paulina is a beautiful woman with an elegant bearing. She was born into a wealthy family, but forced to toughen her character and become independent when her father walked out on them and later, when her mother died. She is the top PR executive, but she refuses to fall in love.

Mariano (Álvarez y Junco Family)

Actor: Otto Sirgo
Paulina’s father. Mariano is a handsome, kind-hearted man with a weak character, who lost all his inheritance through mismanagement. He regrets his past mistakes and wants his daughter to forgive him.

Carlota (Álvarez y Junco Family)

Actress: Irma Lozano
Carlota is Mariano’s sister and Paulina’s aunt. She is very rich and highbrowed, but lacks in taste. She always believe that no man was good enough for her, so she became a slightly embittered spinster. In spite of being old, she is forceful and energetic, and yet it worries her that she has no one to inherit her vast fortune.

Flora (Álvarez y Junco Family)

Actress: Jacqueline Voltaire
Flora is Mariano’s second wife—a sweet, charming woman who suddenly found herself swimming in money. She has a maternal nature and believes that money should be shared.

Adrián (Álvarez y Junco Family)

Actor: Alejandro de la Madrid
Flora’s son, Adrián, is a post-modern metrosexual poster boy who is obsessed with his looks and has to be the center of attention everywhere he goes. Paulina quickly becomes his nemesis, as well as his first true love, even though it will take some time before he admits it to himself. Paulina too has a strong character, so it will be almost impossible for them to get off their high horses and admit that they are in love.

Matilde (Solano Family)

Actress: Lidia Ávila
Matilde is hard working, kind and very creative. She grew up in a male dominated, economically deprived environment, and her goal in life is to emancipate herself from these conditions, but without losing sight of her roots. She is the best example of someone who works to rise above her station and fights discrimination against women of her social class. Her heightened sensitivity helps her enjoy and value the simple things, transforming them into wondrous creations through her imagination.

Lupe (Solano Family)

Actor: Salvador Sanchez
The head of the Solano Family, a hard-working mechanic and a strict father.

Rosa (Solano Family)

Actress: Yula Pozo
Lupe’s wife, Rosa, is a good mother who runs a fruit stand in the local market.

Ismael (Solano Family)

Actor: Miguel Loyo
Matilde’s brother Ismael was able to study medicine, thanks to the support of his parents and sister. He is handsome, and what he lacks in Style, he makes up for in kindness. He has loved Paulina since the day he met her.

Delia (Ibarra Family)

Actress: Cynthia Klitbo
Delia Ibarra is a controlling woman. She is newly rich and is anxious to acquire class and social recognition. She sees her handsome son Roberto as a means to her own ends.

Roberto (Ibarra Family)

Actor: Rafael Puente
Roberto is indifferent to wealth, romantic and full of potential. However, he is an easy prey to his mother’s persistent emotional blackmail. Delia will not yield until she sees her son married to Maria Ines, an attractive, frivolous young woman from a distinguished family, in which Delia is after.

María Inés (Ibarra Family)

Actress: Jessica Coch
An attractive, frivolous young woman from a distinguished family. Delia’s target.

Fernanda (Ortiz Family)

Actress: Yadhira Carrillo
Fernanda is a strong, attractive woman. She was very young when she became a single mother and was forced to make her way on her own. She held several jobs to secure the financial stability she needed to provide her beloved daughter Bety, with a good education. Even though her life was not easy, she tends to see the positive side of things.

Bety (Ortiz Family)

Actress: Natalia Téllez
Bety is a pretty, responsible girl, a good friend and a good daughter. Like most teenagers, she falls in love every week. Bety never knew her father, but her mother’s love for her made up for that void in her life.

Emanuel (Ortiz Family)

Actor: Victor Noriega
Emanuel, Bety’s father, is good-looking and completely self-absorbed. He abandoned Fernanda to marry Sonia.

Sonia (Ortiz Family)

Actress: Amairani
A chubby, good-natured and easy-going woman who just happened to be immensely rich.

Gina (Ortiz Family)

Actress: Claudia Godínez
Emmanuel and Sonia’s daughter, who is pleasant and somewhat naïve. Her life has been easy, uncomplicated, and has simple worries of a girl her age can have. She is also Bety’s best friend.

Hernán (Ortiz Family)

Actor: Lisardo
Hernan is charming, attractive, with a rich sense of humor, but unstable and without roots. His whole life has been a series of meaningless, short-term affairs. When it’s time to part ways, he simply moves on. When he met Fernanda, however, he is immediately attracted to her, and his wandering days will finally be over.


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