A Woman’s Word

A Woman's Word

A Woman’s Word is the story of four women: Vanesa, Fernanda, Paulina and Matilde, who, although they have very different social backgrounds, will embark together on an exciting adventure in search of their personal fulfillment as professionals and, more importantly, as women.

Vanesa takes the first step when she teams up with her millionaire friend Delia to start a production house and create a TV show made by women, for women. Fernanda, Paulina, Matilde and Irmita come on board as Vanesa’s trusted staff, and soon they all become best friends.

The show is just what Vanesa needs to jump-start her life after her husband Julian leaves her for a younger woman after 22 years of marriage. Besides having to deal with her pain, Vanesa is left with the responsibility of raising her teenage children, Clara and Emilio, on her own. But the worst tragedy of her life is one that she has carried inside for 20 years, and which neither she nor Julian have ever shared with their children: the disappearance of their first son. The guilt and the blame of their loss created an invisible wall between them, and now, their separation has reopened the wound is Vanesa’s heart. In this time of deep sorrow, her lifelong friend Martin will be there to offer her the moral support and love that she so desperately needs.

A Womans Word cast

Paulina was born into a rich family, but her privileged life took a drastic turn when her father walked out on them when she was a child. She has never been able to forgive him. Her mother’s death left her alone in the world, and Paulina was forced to go live with her aunt Carlota, a possessive middle-aged woman who is terrified of being alone. There is no real joy in Paulina’s life and she grows up not believing in love, until one day her father returns seeking her forgiveness. With him are his second wife, Flora, and his stepson, Adrian. In spite of herself, Paulina cannot help warming up to Flora’s pleasant, giving nature, but she feels an immediate rejection toward Adrian. In time, however, she will realize that she has actually fallen in love with him.

Fernanda is the business expert. She is a single mother and her teenage daughter, Bety, is her best friend. Fernanda’s boyfriend, Emanuel, left her and their baby to marry a rich woman and she never heard from him again, until the day fate brought them face to face again in a very compromising situation. However, when Fernanda believes that all is lost, a mysterious, dashing adventurer walks into her life. Hernan is the type of man who cannot settle down and commit to a relationship, but when he meets Fernanda he knows true love for the first time, and his views on life will change.

Matilde is the creative genius of the show. She has a brilliant mind and an amazing talent for improvisation. She comes from a humble background; her father is a mechanic, her mother has a stall in a market, and her brother Ismael is a medical student. Ismael falls in love with Paulina but has no illusions about their relationship because he has nothing to offer her. Matilde advises him to be more realistic and look for a girl of their own social class. Ironically, she herself ends up falling in love with Roberto, he son of the wealthy Delia, who will fight their relationship tooth and nail.

This, then, is the life of four outstanding women and their families, facing their problems with courage and hope; their loves and disappointments; their passion and regrets; their triumphs and failures. Four women struggling against all odds to prove the value of a woman’s word.

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