Passion: Episode 65

Justo throws Vasco out of the house for all his foolish deeds that brought harm to Camila and the family. Sofia tells Ursula that she will have to marry Uriel or suffer living in a convent if she refuse. Meantime, Ricardo shows up at the trial and is waiting for the results so he can pay Camila’s obligation to the court. Lisabeta threatens to take Ascanio and Jimena’s freedom and make them her slave. Lisabeta tells Alberto that she has feelings for Ricardo and that he is not her cousin.


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COMING VERY SOON on the TeleNovela Channel!

LA MALQUERIDA premieres June 19 2017  


COMING VERY SOON on the TeleNovela Channel!

When love is real, the heart will always be…. ¬†watch out for it this March 2017!