Madrasta: Episode 64

Leonel discovers that his mother is a perverse woman. He always thought she was a good mother. Meantime, Maria pays Hector’s debts and becomes Hector’s business partner. On the other hand, as Estrella incriminates Esteban for not telling them that Angel is not their brother, Esteban faints. Estrella asks Lupita’s help and summons a doctor. While help is on its way, Esteban rummages through Maria’s things and finds out that Servando was his rival.


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COMING VERY SOON on the TeleNovela Channel!

LA MALQUERIDA premieres June 19 2017  


COMING VERY SOON on the TeleNovela Channel!

When love is real, the heart will always be…. ¬†watch out for it this March 2017!