The Two Sides of Ana


A story of a girl named Ana, who is a sweet and kind-hearted person who was forced to change because of anger and hatred. Ana, who wants to take vengeance for her family’s death, plans to make the father and sons who killed her mother and brother fall in love with her. She ultimately sows discord among the three, but unaware that the love of her life, Gustavo, is a part of the family she’s determined to destroy.


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Lady From Vendaval Trailer

Coming this September on the TeleNovela Channel. Watch the full trailer:

The Lady of Vendaval [synopis]

The Lady of Vendaval [Synopsis]

“La mujer del vendaval” tells the story of Marcela Morales (Ariadne Diaz), a young woman who suffered the abandonment of his mother, the death of his father for… read more »