The Two Sides of Ana: Episode 5

Picture 6

Ana lies about Ignacio to Fabian, telling him that the man who ran him over happens to pay for all the expenses in the hospital. Fabian also learns that Ignacio is the one responsible for burning their house down. Mrs. Graciela asks German to bury Marcia under the name of Ana so nobody finds out that Ana is still alive. At the cemetery, Ignacio confirms Ana’s death and visits her tombstone. From afar, Ana sees Humberto, Ignacio, and Vicente and swears to avenge her family.


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COMING VERY SOON on the TeleNovela Channel!

LA MALQUERIDA premieres June 19 2017  


COMING VERY SOON on the TeleNovela Channel!

When love is real, the heart will always be…. ¬†watch out for it this March 2017!