The Two Sides of Ana: Episode 3

Picture 5

Seeing Rafael as his biggest competitor in his father’s attention and family business, Ignacio delights as Rafael moves out of their house. Rafael who changes his identity to Gustavo, rents a room at Eric’s apartment and soon meets Irene. Back at the hospital, Ana overhears Ignacio threatening Marcia and escapes. Cristobal hits Ignacio but Ignacio fights back and threatens to hurt the Escuderos if they exposes him. Seeing Julia and Marcia at the Escudero residence, Ignacio sets the house on fire.


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COMING VERY SOON on the TeleNovela Channel!

LA MALQUERIDA premieres June 19 2017  


COMING VERY SOON on the TeleNovela Channel!

When love is real, the heart will always be…. ¬†watch out for it this March 2017!