Madrasta: Episode 5

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Everybody is against Esteban and Ana Rosa’s wedding. To show his gratitude to the man who adopted him, Leonel tries to convince Hector and Estrella to give their father a chance to love again, but to no avail. In an attempt to annoy Esteban’s family, Ana Rosa goes to Alba and asks her opinion about their upcoming wedding. Meanwhile in Aruba, as Luciano professes his love for her, Maria shrugs him off and tells him that her only goal in life is to recover her children and find justice for her friend Patricia.


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COMING VERY SOON on the TeleNovela Channel!

LA MALQUERIDA premieres June 19 2017  


COMING VERY SOON on the TeleNovela Channel!

When love is real, the heart will always be….  watch out for it this March 2017!