In the Name of Love: Episode 1

Paloma Espinoza de los Monteros celebrates her birthday with her parents (Javier and Sagrario) and her two aunts (Carlota and Macarena). At another house, Romina Mondragon Rios, pleads her mother (Camila) to call her father to attend her birthday party but disregards her daughter’s request because Camila has yet to tell her that her father left them for another woman. On the following day, Paloma’s parents sets out to attend the wedding of Natalia and Cristobal in Mexico City and leaves her with her aunts. Paloma was maltreated by her aunt Carlota so she desperately pleads her mother to pick her up. On their way back to fetch Paloma, Javier and Sagrario meets an accident as their car loses control and falls into a cliff.